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About Coffee in and IV:
I’ve been an avid Gilmore Girls fan since I was 13. I remember coming home from school, making myself a snack, and eagerly turning on ABC Family (RIP) to watch re-runs of Gilmore Girls. As I got a little older, I was gifted the seasons on DVD and watched them till they wore out (Seriously, some of the disks don’t play anymore). Food plays a large part in Gilmore Girls. From the take out, to Luke’s, to Sookie’s kitchen to the Friday night dinners, you can’t get away from food with this show. It’s a part of it that I’ve always loved. After doing my 50 billionth re-watch, I thought I’d like to challenge myself and make food from the show and blog about it. I know there already is a Gilmore Girls cookbook out there (actually I think there’s 2 now) and I even checked it out from the library to look at it make sure I wouldn’t be copying the exact recipes. I never did look at the book though. I worried that looking at it, I would get discouraged and not start the blog. Maybe when I’m done with my journey here, I’ll finally read them. 🙂

As for food in my life beyond Gilmore Girls, I’ve always loved cooking. My Grandma was a great cook and would let me help her in the kitchen if I bugged her enough. I always admired how she made everything with ease. Her hands would softly flit around and create beautiful recipes from her mid-western upbringing. When I moved out on my own, I remember the many phone calls to her asking why my recipe wasn’t working, or how to make pie crust for the 50th time. She was always so patient with me and taught me confidence in the kitchen.

About Holly:
When I’m not making too much food for me and my husband, I take photographs for costume design and fashion. Creating other worlds with my photography is my passion and I love the challenge. I was born and raised in Seattle and still live there in a tiny house with my new husband Kevin.